Ate the apple and on my way across the Atlantic

Ate lunch at Union Square Cafe yesterday with dear friends from Argentina who were in the city. Also eating lunch at our restaurant was Yoko Ono seated behind us. She looks like herself. We didn’t bother her. Today, I made it back to the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s exhibit of Plains Indian Art.  I forget the name of the exhibit something about sky and earth.  I found the exhibit a mess of interlocutions of part truths and mostly curator bs who knows not what he is exhibiting. One of the choice statements I overheard a female visitor referring to a woman’s beaded folded buckskin dress: “This is fancy fancy goods.” Says it all…”goods on display,” There was one particular item that took my breath away as I glanced at it bringing tears to my eyes, a medicine bundle that should not be on display. I quickly moved away from the case choosing not to  look at it at all. At one point I stood still at the center of the exhibit hall and took a reality check. I then decided this was a poorly designed exhibit of goods that all need to be returned to the descendants from where they were taken.



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