In memory of Mr. Star Gutierrez

I will remember when you stopped to ask me outside church at home where I was living these days, still in New York? I said, no, Here at Santa Clara now. Today you have gone HOME, go well.




Autumn dogs

I rescued Torque 12 years ago from a guy living in maybe what was 300 square foot studio with two big dogs.  I adopted Torque, a beautiful German Shepard/Blue Heeler. He was handsome and loyal and so easy to care for in fact, Torque took care of me for twelve years. He has  joined the great hereafter after suffering through the summer unable to walk or enjoy being a watchdog in our yard.  I let him go to be with his brother Jake who has been gone now for almost three years. I have a pink piece of paper with  the words “Love Deep”written by none other than film director Spike Lee to me.  I have applied those words in my life for over 20 years and that’s how Torque and I were as friends- we loved deep. I celebrate Torque and all dogs in need of being rescued so they can share the deep love within them.  That’s all, the tears are making it hard for me to think and my nose needs a wiping. Have aSplendid day everyone.image

imageRissani souk and the weariness of long days where de-caffeinated coffee from date pits are sold, old is not historical but present tense and the water jug man makes his rounds offering water to all for centuries.